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Common purchase queries answered

Orders and Shipping

Due to the expansion of our shipping locations worldwide we try to get items out to you in 24 to 72 hours. Some of our warehouses are a bit slower but we all are constantly striving for our founder’s Same Day Shipping standard. If you are lucky enough to order directly from our founder in Texas. All will be shipped same day with tracking scans in under 24 hours or less! Shop the Same Day Shipping! category in our shop!

Shipping and transit times will always vary by carrier but we strive to get it in their hands ASAP!

Custom Items and Preorder or Backorder items are going to naturally take much longer. See our Shipping & Tracking Section under Helpful Info for additional info on Ship times! 

Account Creation is Available under the My Account section of our site. 

If you click on My Account at the top right of the page it will show a selection for Account info. Please click on that. Under addresses update your info and save your progress. It is always good to login to your account before checkout and verify your addresses. 

All items shipped by FromAtoZgifts will have a tracking number. Each carrier has various tracking options but if you need help let us know. 

We do not store your payment info unless you request us to. Our encryption and unmatched security protocols will securely guard any stored information. 

As per law we do charge tax if it is required. 

We are working on expanding to the worldwide market as we type. Stay tuned we have big plans for expansion! 

Some orders will ship from one location in one package. However, due to our recent expansion. It is possible for orders to ship in multiple packages.

FromAtoZgifts proudly expanded their fulfillment warehouses worldwide to offer you a wider variety of products at extraordinary prices! If at anytime you have any issues, feedback, or just want to chat about your order send us a message via the contact us page. We are expanding only to offer you more!  If we need to change something to better serve our customers we are open to hear from you.  

We hope you never need to but if you do, Please see below!

Returns and Exchanges

We traditionally do not accept returns due to the vast number of items we carry. However, Each Return is on a case by case basis! Surely, we want you to be happy so always contact us first and we can discuss your personal circumstances. 

Oh No! That for sure is not what we strive for! Please contact us immediately with photos of the mix up and we will get it sorted ASAP! Pease note this is an extremely rare occurrence and should never happen but if it does please contact us immediately! 

Unfortunately it is possible that things will or do get damaged in transit. This is rare but if it does occur please contact us immediately to resolve the issue. 

Customer support is available via the Contact Us page on this site as well as via email. 

Unfortunately we do not allow anyone to change or alter an address after checking out or payment is processed. However, We will cancel your order if you catch it fast enough. Please verify your address Before checking out or processing payment. This protects both us and you from misuse or fraudulent activity! If the order is in transit we will try to contact the shipping carrier to have it rerouted back to us. This is very time consuming so Please verify all shipping and billing info before checking out. 

Unfortunately, due to the lightning fast shipping times of or main office in Texas it may not be possible to cancel an item as all items from that office ship same day! If you wish to cancel an order that is shipping from two different offices or multiple of our warehouses the entire order will need to be canceled. We do not cancel part or some of an order even if shipping in multiple packages unless the delay or issue is on our side. In that case, we will notify you before any cancellation! Please be sure of your purchases before checkout to avoid cancellations. Please understand that if we can or are able to cancel any Unshipped order we will always accommodate your request. No one likes to cancel an order & We strive to avoid cancellations altogether.

Yes, We will have on each product preorder or backorder as an option if it is available for that particular item. Not all items are available for preorder or backorder but go ahead and send us a line if you want them to be. We will see what we can do to accommodate.

Please note that due to the custom nature of an item or items we traditionally do not accept returns or allow cancellations. If for some reason it is on us! Let us know ASAP and we will always make it right! 

Sadly, Our founder has been in online retail since the age of 16 and has seen it all. This is only being said for the ones who know who they are. We respect and honor our customers by weeding out those that make online shopping an unsafe place. We take your safety and security seriously. We respect your honest account of events should they ever go a lil south of less than perfect. 

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