Ring Size Chart

Please Use Only The Chart Provided Here To Accurately Calculate Ring Size!

This is the chart our jewelers go by to accurately calculate ring size. Please see the Slide Show below to accurately measure your ring size before ordering to guarantee you a great fit. 

***Please note  if you have larger or wider knuckles you will need to measure the widest part of your knuckle as well so that the ring easily glides over the largest part on your finger.***

Customized jewelry sizes 

We carry sizes ranging from 4 -13 in rings & 14" to 22" necklace lengths 

Necklace Size Chart

Necklace Size Chart for All Personalized Necklaces

Please note that size selected is the chain length only! See picture for length of chain. This length is your necklace length before your pendant and or charm is added.  

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